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Upcoming Workshop & Showcase Info

Performing Showcase Sat. Mar 7th LHS Auditorium

Workshop/Showcase Schedule & Details

Solo/Duo/Trio Showcase

  1. Rhythm Of The Night- Portia L
  2. Bridge Over Troubled Water– Olivia H
  3. So Cold– Bailey U
  4. Standing On the Horizon-Gabby And
  5. Leave The Light On– Amanda H
  6. Blood Sweat and Tears– Battee- B
  7. Unstoppable- Boston B
  8. Legendary– Madi S
  9. Waves– Kennedy F
  10. High Top Shoes– BentLee K
  11. If I Can’t Have You– Creighton B
  12. Couldn’t Be Better– Lyla J
  13. Head Above Water– Portia L
  14. Play It Again– Kendyl K
  15. Love Me Anyway– Kayla N
  16. Little Swing– Ellis C
  17. You Got It in You– Gabbi Atk
  18. Growing Pains– Addy J
  19. I Will Not Forget– Karlie D
  20. A Little Party– Averie K 
  21. Kill Of The Night– Grace L
  22. Clearly– Sophie S
  23. Tomorrow We Fight- Jalena J
  24. So Close– Ciara E
  25. Don’t Give Up On Me– Channy W
  26. Into You– Kate M
  27. Piano- Portia & Mallorie
  28. If They could See Me Now– Olivia H
  29. Dance– Ellis & Haisley
  30. I Don’t Wannna Show Off– Bailey U
  31. Ashes- Nicloe W
  32. Broadway Baby- Gabby And
  33. Last Hoorah– Creighton & Boston
  34. Survivor- Amanda H
  35. Kill The Lights– Portia, Mallorie, Nora

Team Showcase Order

  1. Control– Academy P.F.
  2. One Kiss– Academy KIDZ
  3. Fabulous- Academy KIDZ
  4. Wind Beneath My Wings– Academy P.F.
  5. Tikki Birds– KIDZ A-1
  6. Slap That Bass– Academy P.F.
  7. Couldn’t Be Better– KIDZ A-2
  8. Rain Dance– Academy P.F.
  9. Beautiful Disaster- T’s
  10. Aloha– KIDZ B
  11. Jersey Girls– Academy P.F
  12. School of Rock– KIDZ C
  13. Elizabeth Taylor- P.F. 8
  14. One– P.F. 6
  15. Iron Hands- P.F. 7
  16. If Only- Small Group KIDZ A-2
  17. I Am Me- Small Group KIDZ B
  18. Top Of The World- Small Group KIDZ C
  19. Stay Awake- Small Group P.F. 7/8
  20. Someone You Loved- Small Group P.F. 7/8
  21. Wind Beneath My Wings-  Sm Group P.F.
  22. Good To Be Bad– Specialty KIDZ A
  23. The Crew– Specialty KIDZ B/C
  24. Heartbreaker- T’s & Specialty P.F. 8
  25. Riding Hood– Specialty P.F. 6/7


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