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Important Dates/Show Dates

Pre Revue- Sat. May 14th MLMS

Big Revue -June 2rd & 3th LHS

TSOD In Concert-June 4th LHS


Upcoming Shows/Rehearsals

‘Throwback’ 2022  Show Dates:  Thurs. June 2nd & Fri. June 3rd

Place: LHS Auditorium  Time: 7:00pm

A $55 deposit was paid in Mar. The following is due now for the BALANCE of your costumes and Revue Fee/1st week of June* 

1st-5th GRADES: $69

FRESHIES: $77 (3 numbers)

$97 if in Pointe

$97 if in (tech. Thurs)

$115  if in Pointe and tech thurs

Revue Fee is charged in lieu of tickets at the door to help with the cost of the show.  

We want to remind everyone to be respectful of the facility we have in which to put on our show. No food in auditorium, please do not leave a mess when you leave.  The doors will not open until 6:15pm.  Dancers are to arrive at 6:15pm and go directly to dressing area- no performers are to be in the audience before or during the show. 

*NEW: This year the Revue Fee will also include a charge for the 1st week in June when the staff and faculty will put in many hours for rehearsals and shows as there will be no June lesson payment.

Technical Rehearsal: Tues. May 31st

Place: @Studio

Time: 1st-2nd grade 4-5:30

  3rd-5th grade- 5:15-7:00

  Freshies & T’s 6:45-9:00

This will be our technical rehearsal in all black dance clothes. Bring all of your dance shoes and accessories. We will rehearse dances and finale.

Dress Rehearsal Wed June 1st 

Place: LHS Auditorium

Time: 4-8pm everyone

This will be a complete dress rehearsal in full costume and make-up. When you arrive go directly to your dressing room and get in your first costume. At this rehearsal we practice putting on our costumes correctly so we can see the show as it will be that evening. It is also the time for parents to take pictures and video, (so please have all costumes, hair and make-up)  no videoing or photography will be allowed during performances. Parents please plan to enjoy the show live. 

At this rehearsal and at the shows mothers are not needed backstage. We have very helpful and competent helpers that will dress and prepare the dancers. 

The show will be professionally videoed by Soule Productions and you can order a copy that evening. The cost is $30.00

Costumes will be ready for pick-up at the studio on Mon. May 23rd. 

As is our policy no costumes will be given out unless your account is current. This includes lessons, costume costs, and any other fees due to the studio. Please check with office if you have questions on your balance at the studio. 

Pictures: We are having a picture day at the studio on Fri. May 27th. The schedule will be as follows:

1st/2nd grade 4-5pm Ballet costumes first then T-shirt/Jazz pants second

3rd- 5th grades- 5-6pm Ballet costumes first, T-shirts/Jazz pants second

Freshies-6-6:30 Bring what ever costumes you want a picture in, we will begin with Ballet and do what ever people want from there. 

T’s- 6:30- we will decide in class what we want to wear for one picture.. if you want pic in other costumes, just bring them.

Clark Salisbury will be taking the pictures, they will be a Memory Mate that includes a group picture and an individual for $20. Be prepared to pay with either cash or check at the time pictures are taken.

Dance Basics: 

1st-2nd grades need black tap shoes, pink ballet shoes, black tank leotard, pink full-footed tights, black biker shorts & a rhinestone ponytail cover

3rd-5th grade  need black tank leotard, black tap shoes, beige stirrup tights, beige dance shoes, black biker shorts & a rhinestone ponytail cover. 

Freshies & T’s- we will let you know in class

Hair : All dancers are to have hair pulled back in slick low ponytail w/rhinestone ponytail cover.

Rhinestone ponytail covers are available at the Dance Shop or you can make your own, we can show you what they look like in office. 

Make-up:All performers should wear make-up on stage, the stage lights are harsh and wipe out our features. Do eyes and lips so we can see beautiful faces. 

We are excited! We have been working hard all year and can’t wait to show what we have learned. 


TSOD In Concert – Sat. June 4th @LHS 7pm –for all performing students

Rehearsal will be that morning show that evening, details will be forthcoming

TSOD Solo, Duo, Trio Showcase Fri June 3rd @LHS 5:00pm– details forthcoming


NOTES Sent feb. 1st-  

Big Review Dates-Thurs. June 2nd & Fri. June 3rd (All Dancers 1st grade and older)

$55.00 is due by Mar. 1st for a deposit on your Revue costumes. Estimated cost to be in the show is $115 (paid in two payments first this $60 deposit and a balance payment due in end of May estimated around $60) this is for three numbers, finale and Revue Fee. Revue fee is a charge to each performer that helps pay for the cost of hall rental expenses, programs, music etc. It is in lieu of tickets at the door so admission to the show is free to family and friends. 

Please be prompt with your deposit as we will begin ordering the costumes right away.  If you are not going to be in the show please let us know that by Mar. 1st as well.  Rehearsals for the Revue will be on June 1st & 2nd with the show on June 2nd & 3rd. The show will be held at LHS Auditorium. We will send a note soon with dance basics each class will need for the show.

TSOD In CONCERT: SAT. JUNE 4th (The Tuellerette Concert is for All KIDZ, Performing Freshies,Tuellerettes). Tuellerette Concert rehearsal will be the morning of June 4th with show that evening at 7pm, again at LHS. 


Pre-Revue 2022 ‘Candyland’  Show Date: Sat. May 14th

Place: Mt Logan Middle School Auditorium 875 N. 200 E., Logan

Time: 6:30pm

$53.00-The balance of your costumes and Revue Fee is due to studio.

Revue Fee is charged in lieu of tickets at the door to help with the cost of the show and allows us to make admission at the door free. The doors will not open until 6pm. We ask that there be no saving of seats. Seating is to be on a first come, first serve basis, and we ask that everyone is courteous and fair, there really is no bad seating in the auditorium.

The night of the show dancers are to arrive at 6pm and go directly to dressing area- no performers are to be in the audience before or during the show.  Please do not wear costumes to show. Dancers should arrive in ballet dress and tights. We want to save the ‘magic’ of our costumes for the show!

Rehearsal and Pictures will be that morning (Sat. May 14th) at 10:00am, also at MLMS Auditorium.  We will begin with pictures promptly at 10:00am so arrive picture ready!

We will be taking pictures in our ballet dresses w/crown & ballet shoes.  Bring T-shirt/bow and dance shoes with you. 

Clark Salisbury will be taking the pictures. It will be a Memory Mate with a group and an individual picture. The cost is $20 -be prepared to pay with either cash or check that morning.

We will have a complete dress rehearsal in full costume, hair and make-up directly after we have finished taking pictures that will be finished around 1pm. This rehearsal is your opportunity to video and take pictures as we do not allow any videoing or picture taking during the show. It is very distracting especially at this young age to have that going on while they dance. They prefer that the evening of the show you are watching them, smiling back and applauding loudly.

At the rehearsal and during the show mothers do not help backstage. We will do all of the work backstage. Our space is very limited and we have very helpful and competent helpers that will attend to the dancers.

The show will be professionally videoed that evening by Soul Productions and you can order a copy that evening at the show. The cost is  $25.00

Reminder: Your dancer needs to have ballet pink tights, pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes as dance basics. PLEASE HAVE ELASTIC IN TAP SHOES- No ties- please. If you do not understand what this means please ask, it is absolutely necessary.

Please put names in your t-shirt and your dance shoes.  This helps us from getting mixed up and losing things.

Please do not let your dancer wear underpants under her leotards.  IT IS TACKY! Tights are dancers underpants. Dancers are well covered in tights and a leotard.

Hair– should be fixed in a high ponytail or bun as we will be wearing a crown for ballet and a big bow for all other dances

Make-up- Dancers need to wear make-up on stage. The bright stage lights wash out our features. A little eye make-up and lipstick are recommended

Costumes will be ready for pick-up at the studio on Mon. May 9th.  The costumes are ready to wear and only need to have your dancers name put on them and a little fluffing

As is our policy no costumes will be given out until your account is paid in full. This includes all lessons, costume costs and any other fees due to the studio. Please check with the office if you have an unpaid balance

* Lesson payment for May is a full month. The faculty and staff put in more hours in May planning, preparing and rehearsing for the show than any other month of the year. In addition we like to have the dancers double up class attendance, see below.

We would like all dancers to double up on class attendance for the 2 weeks in May. This allows us to practice our introductions and finale in larger groups and get more rehearsal time. 

Kindergarten classes- Mon. 4-5pm & Wed. 4-5pm

Pre-school classes – Mon. 10am, Wed. 4pm, Thurs. 4pm (We would like them to come twice a week to any additional class that fits your schedule).

**We want to spell every dancers name correctly in our program, If your dancers name  has been misspelled this year please let us know. We will go off of the chart we have in the office for correct spelling.

Kindergarten dancers that are in KIDZ A- J’Adore Paris, Princess Medley & Hey Mickey those will be your first numbers in the show May 14th. We will practice them Sat. morning 9-10am before pictures at the auditorium. It is not a dress rehearsal (no costumes) so you can be ready for your pictures.

You will continue to have performing class on Tues. 6:30-7:30 for the remainder of May as our final performance is in TSOD in Concert on Sat. June 4th.   

Please continue to look for and follow your competition emails for performing schedule. You will get a TSOD in Concert info as well.



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