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Solo Suo, Trio Showcase Fri. June 3rd LHS 5:00pm

Final Performance- TSOD in Concert Sat. June 4th!!



Competition/Performance Info


Show Date: Sat. June 4th

Place: LHS Auditorium

Time: 7:00pm

This show is for All Performers- Tuellerettes, Performing Freshies and KIDZ

Dress Rehearsal:  Sat. June 4th 

Place: LHS Auditorium

Time: 9:00am-11- for KIDZ, 10-1pm for Performing Freshies and T’s

This is our only rehearsal for the show.  It is a complete dress rehearsal. We are all doing an opening number this year. We will rehearse this opening number together in costume. KIDZ this will be the last number we rehearse, PF’s and T’s it will be the first thing we rehearse. There will also be a brief finale, participation is optional for KIDZ A.

We will wear our Revue t-shirts and black leggings/jazz pants  for the opening/finale.

$24 Concert fee is due now for KIDZ/PF/Tuellerettes

$30 Concert Fee is due now for Academy Members

KIDZ Parents – the night of the show please bring your dancer to the dressing room and get them ready as if it were a competition, all of our helpers are getting ready themselves this time. Dancers should be in dressing room and ready by 6:30pm. As you go back and forth to get dancers dressed please be respectful of the show that is going on. 

After you have performed the night of the show if you want to join the audience you must change out of your costume and quietly take a seat. We want to maintain a professional show so we want to limit the number of people going in and out during the performance. Please be respectful of the audience and performers on stage when entering and do so only between numbers.

As with the other shows this dress rehearsal is your opportunity to video and take pictures. 

No videoing will be allowed during the performance! 

Soule Production will be videoing and selling videos for $30.00

SOLO, DUO, TRIO Showcase will be held Fri. June 3rd at LHS Auditorium. It will begin at @5pm. Showcase your hard work one last time!! Those that attend the showcase can save their seats for the revue that night! Encourage family and friends to come and support these hard working dancers.

Just a Reminder: TSOD Performer are required to attend  Summer Session of Dance in order to compete next year.  Summer Classes begin Wed. June 14th. All info has been emailed and is on website




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