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Oct. -Nov. Info listed below

Competition Info

Oct.-Nov. Performing Team info

Clarification on credit cards on file: If you want only lessons run on your card on file please notify the office, otherwise all performing expenses due to the studio will be run as they are due. If you choose to do only lessons  on your card be prompt with other fees  to avoid late fees which will be charged.  

Cache Valley Direct Books are available in office for fundraiser. You can sell these until first of the year. You make $12.50 each book you sell.

Costume payments are due by Nov. 26th. Please be prompt with these payments. If you are late our costumes will be late. 

KIDZ A-1 ‘Tiki Birds’- $90 due to Michelle Hooley (pay at Dance Shop)

KIDZ A-2  ‘Couldn’t Be Better’ – $90 due to Michelle Hooley  (pay at Dance Shop)

KIDZ  B  ‘Aloha’– $80 due to studio

KIDZ C ‘School of Rock’– $80 due to studio

6th Grade PF ‘One’ – $80 due to studio

7th Grade PF ‘Iron Hands’- $80 due to studio

8th Grade PFElizabeth Taylor’– $80 due to studio

Academy Group Costumes:

‘Fabulous’- $80 due to studio

‘One Kiss’– $80 due to studio

‘Control’– $70 due to studio

‘Jersey Girls’– $110 includes mic stand rental due to studio

‘Slap That Bass’-$90 due to studio

Shoes and tight you need:

KIDZ A-1- beige stirrup tights and beige dance paws

KIDZ A-2– beige stirrup tights and beige dance paws

KIDZ B– beige stirrup tights and beige dance paws

KIDZ C- black jazz shoes (gore boot style)

6th PF– beige stirrup tights and beige dance paws

7th PF– beige stirrup tights and beige dance paws

8th PF– beige stirrup tights and beige dance paws

Fabulous– beige stirrup tights and beige dance paws

One Kiss- beige stirrup tights and beige dance paws

Control- beige stirrup tights and beige dance paws

Slap That Bass– black full footed fishnets and black character shoes ordered from Dance Shop

All performers need rhinestone performance earrings from Dance Shop. 

Our workshop with Leslie was so good. She inspired much to work on with our technique and taught fun combinations and a great 8th grade piece.We loved having her. You did a great job dancers. 

Final Workshop- Hip Hop w/Barry Youngblood will be here Mon. Dec. 9nth & Tues. Dec. 10th (these are new dates he had to reschedule!) Details  will be coming soon.We only get 2 days with him so plan accordingly He’s the best!

Communication is so important. Please see that you are getting and reading emails. We also try to keep the website current on all info so please become acquainted with it and stay up to date on happenings. If things happen/change last minute we will post on social media and email. Stay informed. 

Competition Dates

Mar. 7th – Performing Showcase- @LHS

Mar. 12-14- LADM Convention Provo- Academy Members required, all dancers invited to attend convention

Mar. 21st– Releve’ Riverton UT

Mar. 26-28 Hollywood Dance Jamz Convention Ogden- Academy Members required, all dancers invited to attend convention

Apr. 18th- Competition in Ogden/SLC TBD

Apr. 25th – Celebrity Competition, Bear River 

May 2nd– Arise Competition- Logan High School

May 16th- Pre Revue

June 6th -TSOD in Concert

SOLO Info:
If your solo is finished the studio will be open on Saturdays 12:15-1:15 for practice beginning this Sat. (Oct 26th). The number of times you will be able to run it will depend on how many are there each week. It is a great opportunity to get feedback from the faculty and practice in front of others. 
Registration for the Releve Competition we are attending in Riverton on Mar. 21st opens on Nov. 1st. You are responsible for registering your dancer for this competition. This comp fills up fast so if you plan to compete there you need to get on line at and register ASAP after Nov. 1st. The cost is $103 for a solo. 
You will register yourself for the competitions on Apr. 18th TBD,  Apr. 25h @Bear River, May 2nd @Arise in Logan. We will get you registration info for these soon.
Academy Dancers: If you plan to compete your solo at HDJ ($135) and/or LADM ($145)  in Mar. please respond to this email and let us know of your intentions.  We will register solos with the groups like we always do at conventions. LADM fills up fast so we will be  registering soon. 


Small Group Info:

Most KIDZ small groups have begun, or will soon, Freshie groups will begin soon also. Please see that you pay your $200 choreography fee to Kila when your group begins.  We will begin ordering costumes ASAP.



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