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1st Performance -Sat. Oct. 13th USU Homecoming Parade

See below for latest competition note and info-

Competition Info


Welcome! We have an exciting year ahead with our usual great things happening and some new things planned. 

*There will be no class Sat. Sept. 1st -enjoy Labor Day

*Sat. Sept. 8th same schedule as Aug. has been

*Parent Meeting will be Mon. Sept. 10th 6:30 at studio, we will go over what is involved in a competitive year. For parents that are new to performing this meeting is a must. For experienced parents we will be talking about some new workshop/convention opportunities we may be attending throughout the year that include travel and fundraising opportunities. If you are interested in these please be to the meeting.                 

Performing Class Schedule Beginning Sat. Sept. 15th

KIDZ A (Kind. – 2nd grade): every Tues. 6-7 

KIDZ B (3rd & 4th Grades) & KIDZ C (5th grade) Sat. 10:00-10:45 

6th Grade PF: Sat. 10:45-11:30  

7th Grade PF: Sat. 10:45-11:30  

8th Grade: Sat. 11:30-12:15 

We have exciting numbers planned and our class time is short. Please make every effort to attend all classes and be prompt. This is a crucial time of year, we are learning new choreography and setting the numbers we need dancers in attendance and there promptly! We did not require try-outs but we do require commitment! You are a member of a team and we are counting on each and every member to do their part.  Communication will be an important part of a successful year.  Being a member of our performing teams does involve more time, more work and more money, but is also reaps more rewards, fun and growth. 

Performers KIDZ B, C and Performing Freshies are to wear ALL BLACK DANCE CLOTHES to competitive class. KIDZ A do not need to to wear all black to class each week but to all gym and stage practices. 

First Performance will be the USU Homecoming Parade Sat. Oct. 13th.
We will have two extra practices for the Parade both at the studio: 

Sat. Oct. 6th 12:15-1:00

Fri. Oct. 12th 4-5pm at studio

For the parade we are having a hip hop theme. We will be ordering new sweatshirts- $40.00 is due to studio now for your sweatshirt and parade expenses.  We will be sizing them in class and ordering them right away.  Performers also need to get a pair of the new length biker shorts (longer length). If you are not sure what these are come in to the studio there will be a picture posted. The Dance Shop will have them available for $24, but you can get them anywhere you like (we will be wearing this same outfit in our Winter Showcase).  In addition to the bikers and sweatshirt we will wear hip hop shoes and accessories in TSOD colors red/white/black.

*Performing Costumes: We are busy making decisions and will be ordering soon. 

$$ will be due in Oct. amounts TBA

There will be no class Sat. Oct. 20th- Fall Break/UEA 

*WORKSHOPS: We bring professional, experienced and exciting teachers to our studio to enhance your dancers education at a fraction of the cost of attending a convention and these workshops are MANDATORY for ALL PERFORMERS as specified by age. 

We are thrilled to have Melissa Emrico coming for our first workshop Sept. 20th-22nd. We met Melissa at HDJ, her technique is impeccable and she is  so fun! 

In Oct. we will be having Leslie she will be teaching a workshop and choreographing the 8th grade competitive number.  

The week AFTER Thanksgiving we will be having our Hip Hop workshop with Barry Youngblood!! No conflicts with Thanksgiving travel this year yay!!

Details of exact dates, class schedule, cost etc. will be coming soon for all of these.

*Convention Opportunities: We are looking into attending all or some of the following convention/workshop: 

NRG- Provo Sept. 29th cost- $100 –if you are interested in this one day workshop money must be in to studio by Tues. Aug. 28th as we have to register by Aug. 29th

HDJ Sacramento- Nov. 9th-11- $270.00 due to studio by Sept. 6th, also require hotel, and travel arrangements, if you are interested see Kila or Tina ASAP

24/7 Provo – Jan. 11th & 12th

Revive- Provo Mar. 7th-9th

HDJ Nationals- Burbank CA June 28th-July 1st 

If you have interest in any of these let us know. We do not plan to compete groups but soloist/duets that are ready may compete. Let us know your interest as soon as possible. All of these conventions are optional.

*TSOD is planning a trip to NEW YORK CITY summer of 2020* Start saving now. It’s going to be great! 

*Fundraisers: We will be starting fundraisers in Sept. Information about our first one will be given out at the parent meeting on Sept. 10th. We have several planned and are always open to new ideas.

*Communication: We will do our best to keep you informed early on happenings/dates etc. – please do the same for us. Any conflict can be handled if we know in time. Communication is key to having a great year. Please make sure that we have a current and working email for you as we will do a lot of communication by email  and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up on happenings as well.  

Performing Note up dates:*The longer style biker shorts we are wearing in the parade (and using in the Winter Showcase) are a special order item at the Dance Shop. You will not be able to go in the day before the parade and pick up a pair. So please go in and get yours ordered ASAP.
Dancers that wear adult sizes they are also available at Old Navy and other places but for children sizes the Dance Shop may be your only option.
There is a picture of what they look like on the board at the studio if you don’t know what they look like.

*Our Winter Showcase is schedule for Thurs. Dec. 20th!!
*There is now an option to pay TSOD on Venmo. Pay thru Tina Comadena


Solo Duet Trio Information & Contract

We are happy that so many of our dancers want to do solos, duets and trios and explore that experience. Please read the following to know what is expected and involved. 

Cost: $250.00 Solos & $175 Duets & Trios, this breaks down as $175/150 for Choreography/teaching of the solo and $25 for studio time. All is to be paid to the choreographer at the time choreography begins. 

When dances are fully choreographed we offer practice time and critiques one night a week until competition season ends (bargain all year). However once a number is choreographed the majority of practice is the responsibility of the individual dancers.

If a dancer feels the need to change something or wants additional time with her choreographer you can schedule a session with your choreographer, the charge will be $20 a half hour. Once a dance is choreographed we don’t recommend changes unless there is something that just isn’t working or a skill that causes injury or anxiety. 

Choreography: Know that every number choreographed for our dancers is going to be as challenging and difficult as we believe they can handle. We want our dancers to progress as much as possible in ALL their endeavors. Please trust that we have each dancers best interest in mind at all times. Our teachers/choreographers are very experienced and knowledgeable ,we see and know things that need to be strengthened, that an untrained person will not know. Proper technique is key – how you do something is more important than what you do.

If you have questions or concerns about your dancers number at anytime throughout the year please talk to your choreographer/teacher. They know best, your dancers success is our goal.

Music: Choreographers can help in choosing music and must approve your song. Once your choreographer has ok’d your music choice Bauni will cut it and will email you a copy for $10. Duets and Trios may split this cost. 

Costumes: These are left up to the individual to decide. We love to give feedback and help with decisions.

Competition: You are responsible for registering for the comps you want to attend. We will give you the forms and information foe competition we are attending. You may decide to attend all competitions we attend as a school, or just one- you choose.  You may attend additional comps that do not conflict with any of your obligations at TSOD. We love to see our dancers competing, performing and growing.

Sportsmanship: Hopefully dancers are doing this because they LOVE dance and want to grow and learn, not to win. Winning is good and fun-we all love it- but chances are that you won’t win every time. Sometimes we learn the most from the times we don’t win. You must be able to be a gracious winner and loser if you want to enter this arena.

Small Group Information

Cost: $200 for choreography and rehearsal time to Nikila Lopez. This is to be paid when choreography begins. 

Class Time: It will require an additional class. You will be notified when your number will begin.

Costumes: Will be decided by studio. 

Competition Fees: Will be collected at the same time as comp fees for 

                                 other competitive numbers.

If you have questions aboutyour small group please talk to Nikila or Tina. 


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