Tueller School of Dance Schedule

Fall Class Schedule 2024-25

Registration Fee – $30.00 per family (this is non-refundable)


Mon. 10am

Wed. 1pm 

Thurs. 4pm


KINDERGARTEN  Technique Classes 

Mon. 4pm

Tues. 5pm

KINDERGARTEN Performing class (KIDZ A) in addition to a technique class on either Mon. or Wed.

Tues. 4-5pm KIDZ A


1st/2nd GRADE  Technique Classes 

Mon. 4pm

Tues. 5pm

PERFORMING 1st/2nd GRADE  (KIDZ A) in addition to a technique class either Mon. or Tues. 

Tues. 4-5pm- Performing KIDZ A


3rd-5th GRADETechnique Classes- (Both days are required for Performing dancers, non performers can attend both or choose one)

Tues. 6-7:30pm  Ballet & Tap

Thurs. 4-5pm Jazz

PERFORMING 3rd-5th GRADE (KIDZ B & C) in addition to technique classes listed above

Thurs. 5-6 Performing KIDZ B & C 


FRESHIE 6th-8th GRADES  Technique Classes  

Mon. & Wed.- 5-6:30pm Ballet & Tap (both days required for Performing Freshies, 3rd grade and older Academy Members attend Wed. class also)

Thurs.- 6-7:30pm Freshie Jazz

Pointe Class Wed. 6:30-7:15pm (begins in Oct.)

PERFORMING FRESHES- 6th-8th GRADES  in addition to technique classes listed 

 8th Grade Performing Freshies Mon. 6:30-7:30 –performing class

6th & 7th Grade Performing Freshies Wed. 6:30-7:30- this class will move to 7:15-8 when Pointe class begins in Oct.


Mon. 6:30pm 

Thurs. 7:30pm 

Sat. 9:00am (Freshie Academy members attend this class also)

Sat. 10:00am– Academy Classes/Small Groups exact time TBD


TECHNIQUE THURS.- for dancers 6th grade and older, can pay monthly or drop in price- Thurs. 7:30-8:30

HIP HOP Class -3rd grade and up Wed. 4-5pm

POINTE CLASS- for dancers 5th grade and up Wed. 6:30-7:15

We are in the process of adding a couple of new classes that will be optional choices for our dancers:

Yoga for Dancers/ MuveMethod Stretch and Flexibility 

Drill Prep- to begin after Jan. 

As soon as we get class times secured we will send out more info

*Please contact the studio at (435) 752-9154 for pricing and additional questions regarding the schedule.

Tueller School of Dance Policies

REGISTRATION FEE: There is a $25.00 registration fee per family due upon registering. This fee is used to help cover the cost of setting up your dancer’s information, paperwork, notes and billing involved with your account for the year. This fee is non-refundable

LESSON PAYMENT: All lesson payments are due the first lesson of each month. We would appreciate adherence to this so we can keep the cost of book keeping and billing down. These prices are pro-rated and are the same each month. There is no additional charge when there are 5 lessons in a month, and no discount when there are 3 lessons. It is a monthly charge, not by the lesson. There will be a $7.00 late fee on accounts not paid by the 15th of the month.

Credit Cards: We accept all credit cards
Card On File: You can leave a card on file and we will run it each month
Cash: Receipts will be given for cash payments only
Checks: When paying by check, please put month of payment and student’s name on check. There is a payment drop box in the office. If a check is returned it will be handled by a collection agency.

Dancers must have proper dance attire for class. The body is our instrument; we must be able to see it to make proper corrections. Basics for dancers are a black tank leotard, black biker shorts and ballet pink tights. These items will used at show time (both the Winter Showcase and Spring shows) but  do not need to be worn to class each week. As long as they are in dance clothes any style or color is fine for class.

Dancers need pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes. Dancers 3rd grade and older also need beige dance paws.

Other tights and dance basics may be needed for the shows and will be decided closer to show time.

No visitors are allowed in the dance studios. We want to avoid any distraction to your child’s lesson. We have a very large waiting area you are welcome to. If you have a question concerning your child’s progress please feel free to talk to the teacher. We will in turn notify you if there is a problem with your child in class.

Please note that dancing is a physical activity. It requires good health. If you have any doubt as to your student’s physical abilities please consult a physician before participating. Students may decline to participate in any activity. Please inform the instructor of any physical limitations your student may have before the start of classes. The Tueller School of Dance will not be liable for personal injuries that occur during regular class participation.

We cannot be responsible for lost items or damage to personal property left in the waiting room or at the studio. DO NOT put your belongings in the front hall of the building. It is public and we cannot be responsible for items left there.

Our show each year is an integral part of your dance training. It is the most effective of all dance activities in improving self-esteem and confidence. We put every effort into making it a positive experience for all our students and it is highlight of our year. THERE ARE COSTS INVOLVED IN BEING IN THE SHOW. It is optional for dancers but we highly recommend all dancers participate. We will begin preparations in January when we send out cost and payment information for the show.

Pre-Show: tentatively 2nd weekend in May exact dateTBD
Big Show: tentatively first part of June exact date TBD
Tueller School of Dance in Concert: tentatively first part of June exact date TBD

We have created parking just for the Tueller School of Dance. Please use it. We ask that you do not double park. If you are going to be waiting please pull in and park in a parking spot, do not wait in the right of way. The safety of our young dancers is paramount as well as courtesy to all in the lot. The rest of the parking lot is a booting zone so please read and obey all signs. Never park in the middle of the lot even if it’s late or empty. They will boot even if you are gone for just one minute!

Labor Day: No class
Fall Break: No class
Thanksgiving: No regular class
Christmas: Closed for the holidays
Spring Break: We will be closed during Spring Break
Memorial Day: No class
*If there are other days that class will not be held dancers will be notified.


521 1/2 North Main St.
Logan, UT 84321
(435) 752-9154

Tueller School of Dance